Computers have had a large impact on our lives. They are what people use to work, communicate with friends and family, stay entertained, and so much more. When computers were first developed they were the size of small rooms! Now they are tiny little devices that fit in your hand. This post will explore how computers have changed the world as we know it today, how they’ll continue to change it in the future, and what advantages these changes might give us.

The history of computers

The history of computers can be traced back to ancient times when the abacus was invented. Early computers used the same principles as the abacus except they did not use paper and pen, but instead, lights and switches that represented numbers. Later on, Charles Babbage designed a computer that could do mathematical calculations and Thomas Edison designed an electric voting machine in 1879. They were both big steps towards inventing the computer we know today.

We do a lot of work with computers.

You can do a lot of things with your computer! You can play games, watch videos, browse the web, create content and so much more! Nowadays there are also a ton of educational resources that people use to learn new skills and information.

Your computer might be annoying sometimes too. When you have a browser opened on the screen but the cursor is somewhere else on the screen, or it’s showing an error message, or you’re suddenly getting strange ads for stuff you don’t want. But don’t let those small annoyances get in the way of how great computers can be!

The present: how computers have changed our lives

Today, computers are everywhere. A computer is a device that processes data according to instructions given by the user and provides output in an understandable form for human operators. There’s even an entire industry dedicated to building custom-made machines specifically designed for one person or purpose called supercomputers! Computers have become so advanced now that you can carry them on your person and use them wherever you go. You can buy a computer for less than $200 that is more powerful than the ones used on space missions only 20 years ago!

What advantages these changes might give us

Computers have changed the way we work, communicate with friends and family, stay entertained, shop online, learn new things. Computers are becoming more affordable for everyone which means that in the future there will be even greater access to information technologies all over the world because computers are much smaller now compared to previous years. This technology has many uses, but the main ones are entertainment, informational purposes, and communication.

The future of computers and what advantages they will give us

Computer technology is continuing to develop at a rapid pace. There are computers that can interpret what we say in natural languages, there are computer programs that help doctors diagnose patients better than they would be able to on their own, and cars with automatic driving systems. Computers have changed our lives for the better so far, but only time will tell how the future of computers will change our lives.

How will computers evolve in the future?

The future of computers will depend on the evolution of artificial intelligence which will either result in the creation of an intelligent and conscious computer, or a computer that is merely very powerful. One way that artificial intelligence is already being used in computers is to create an interface that understands what we want to do with them and then carries out those instructions. This could be anything from making the fonts on your word processor bigger, opening a document, or deleting a file. It’s exciting to think about what the future might hold for us!


A computer is a machine that computes. They can be very small and fit in your pocket or you could build an entire room to house the biggest supercomputers we have today! Computers are such an important part of our lives now, if they disappeared tomorrow it would affect everybody on Earth whether they knew it directly or not. We are so dependent on computers right now that the loss of computer technology could be devastating to us all. Thankfully, computers are constantly evolving and becoming even more advanced every day which means that they will continue to help us in our daily lives for a long time!

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